About Us

Background and history

Princess Marie Louise hospital is a Ghana health service healthcare institution located in Accra, within the Ashiedu Keteke sub metro of the Greater Accra region that provides medical care services, pursues diseases control and offers reproductive and child health (RCH), family planning (FP) and nutrition services.

In 1915, Dr F.V Nanka-Bruce an imminent Gold Coast Physician and statesman brought to the attention of the government the very high infant and maternal mortality in the country. The necessity for a specialist children hospital was proposed to curb the high infant and maternal mortality in the Gold Coast Colony.

It was after a decade (1915) when the Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Gordon Guggisburg, took a stand and considered the importance of a children’s hospital. In the event, her Highness Princess Marie Louise, granddaughter Queen Victory, queen of the British Empire visited the gold coast colony. During her visit, her royal highness, Princess Marie Louise laid the foundation stone for the specialist children hospital, which was consequently named after her when the hospital was commissioned in 1926.  

Over the years, the Princess Marie Louise Hospital  attracted renowned western physician who worked diligently in the prevention of infant and maternal mortalities. Notably ,Dr. Cicely  from Oxford University pioneered the studies in nutritional disorders in children, which involved an exceptional contribution that led to the description of Protein Deficiency Syndrome ,also known as kwashiorkor .This was published by PML in 1933 and which as such, projected PML and the Gold Coast  on to the global medical map.

To work in collaboration with all partners in health to ensure that every individual, household and community in the Greater Accra region is adequately informed about child health and has equitable access to high quality health and related interventions.

To become a specialized Hospital offering Integrated Services in the prevention and management of childhood illness.
Currently ,the hospital has a total of 265 staff with 6 permanent doctors and 81 nurses .The medical service of PML consists of 74 beds, an out-patient Department (OPD),Emergency ward ,Laboratory unit/blood bank, X-Ray Unit, Dietetics and Environment Health Unit, Mothers’ Hostel, Disease Control Unit, Family Planning and Reproductive  and Child Health (RCH) units among others. Within the last decade, attendances to the P.M.L .Out-patient (OPD )have almost doubled from 45,000 in 1996 to nearly 73,000 per year today.

The ultra modern theatre was constructed with the support of 43 benefactors and was commissioned on the 29th November, 2012.
The Jubilee partners provided support for the equipping of the theatre for the following reasons:

1. To support amenities that can improve child-health related issues in Accra and its surrounding areas.
2. To support enhancement of infant mortality in Accra and its surrounding areas
3. To support general health care in Accra and its surrounding areas.
4. For the Jubilee Partners to leave a lasting legacy for Ghanaians

Management is looking forward for more support from the private sector to enhance private public partnership in health care.